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Building permits, variances, easements, conditional use permits, interim use permits, MUST all go through Sherburne County Planning & Zoning FIRST:

Sherburne County Planning & Zoning

Burning Permits can be obtained through the City of Clear Lake and through the MN DNR Forestry Office:

City of Clear Lake

MN Department of Natural Resources

ROW / Utility Permits and Driveway Permits go through Clear Lake Township. The permits are fillable documents. Save the document to your computer and type the information into the fields.

ROW / Utility Permit Form

Driveway Permit Form

Culvert Placement

Engineering Standards

MN Statute 160​.2715

2020 Snow & Ice Bid Form

General Information

July-2018  Fire Protection Contract

A new fire protection contract was created between the City of Clear Lake, Clear Lake Township and Palmer Township. This contract can be viewed here: 2018 New Fire Contract

In addition, an Ordinance was created to cover fire expenses. See Ordinance ORD-2010-004 in the Ordinances section below.

July-2019 Orderly Annexation Agreement with the City of Clear Lake

The Township of Clear Lake annexed land to the City of Clear Lake. 

ORD-2023-04-18 Ordinance Regulating the Surface Use of Elk Lake

ORD-2022-009 Ordinance Regulating Mailboxes

ORD-2018-008 Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. ORD-2010-004

ORD-2013-007 Ordinance to Combine, Renumber, Repeal Previous Ordinances

ORD-2013-006 Ordinance Governing Parks Under Jurisdiction Clear Lake Twp

ORD-2011-005 Ordinance Regulating Town Road Rights-of-Way

ORD-2010-004 Ordinance Imposing a Service Charge for Emergency Services

ORD-2003-003 Ordinance Regulating Water Surface Use

ORD-2002-002 Ordinance for Regulation of Dogs and Domestic Animals

ORD-2000-001 Ordinance to Construct, Operate, Maintain Cable Systems

RES-2021-049 Establish Compensation Types -Rates

RES-2021-048 Establish WorkWeeks - PayPeriods

RES-2021-047 Designating Annual Polling Place 2022

RES-2021-046 Town Hall Insurance Replacement Cost

RES-2020-045 LRIP 97thStreet

RES-2020-044 LocalRoadsImprovementPlan90thAve

RES-2020-043 Resolution Changing Designated Polling Location for Clear Lake Twp

RES-2020-042 Resolution Authorizing Disposition Of Certain Described Real Property

RES-2020-041 Resolution To Conduct Open Meetings By Telephone

RES-2019-040 Resolution Transfer Money to a CD for Future New Twp Hall Bldg

RES-2019-039 Resolution for Sale Of Township Hall

RES-2017-038 Resolution for MnDOT Temporary Easement on Trunk Hwy 24

RES-2017-037 Resolution Authorizing Office Space for County Sheriff

RES-2017-036 Resolution for Reconstruction of Driveway Approaches

RES-2017-035 Resolution for Compensation of Fence Viewers

RES-2016-034 Resolution for Snow Removal Maintenance with Haven Twp

RES-2015-033 Resolution Approving Replacement Cost Coverage

RES-2015-032 Resolution for Increase of Property & Casualty Deductible

RES-2015-031 Resolution Twp Reimbursement for Costs From Special Projects

RES-2015-030 Resolution Snow Removal/Road Maintenance with Palmer Twp

RES-2014-029 Resolution Authorizing Participation in Cty Economic Develop

RES-2014-028 Resolution Establishing a Snow and Ice Control Policy

RES-2013-027 Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Real Property

RES-2013-026 Resolution to Increase Special/Pending Assessment Search Fee

RES-2013-025 Resolution Transfer Money to a CD for Future New Twp Hall Bldg

RES-2013-024 Resolution Adopt Sherburne County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

2022 - PROPOSED PROJECTS (BOARD-APPROVED): SEAL COAT PROJECTS: 58th Avenue, 127th Street (108th Avenue to Cul de Sac), 103rd Avenue (Persons), 31st Avenue from CSAH 8 to Town Line, 31st Avenue from Town Line to CSAH 8 (Haven). REPAIRS: 71st Street. 

2021 - RECLAIM, RESURFACE, SHOULDERING PROJECT: Sherwood Shores: Entire Development.

2020 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: 38th Avenue, 37th & 76th Street, 41st Avenue, 50th Avenue & 75th Street. CIVIL SITE WORK: New town hall, excavation, site grading, concrete flatwork, septic installation, water well installation, power and gas utilities.

2019 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: Elk Lake Park and Elk Ridge development (east of Big Elk Lake). OVERLAY PROJECTS: 108th Avenue, SURFACING PROJECTS: 108th Avenue from 127th Street to CSAH 8.

2018 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: 92nd Street from Mink Farm to 58th Avenue. 70th Avenue from 90th Street to TH 10. OVERLAY PROJECT: 97th Street from TH 10 to County Rd 53.

2017 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: Riverwood (116th Street, 80th Avenue and 82nd Avenue), 86th Avenue from cul-de-sac to CSAH 6 and 100th Ave from End to TH 10.

Adding a cul-de-sac to end of 80th Avenue.

2016 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: 70th Avenue/72nd Street/80th Avenue from Hwy (Highway) 10 to CSAH 6. 71st Street/89th Avenue/77th Street/90th Avenue from CSAH 6 to CR 54 and 100th Avenue in CEDAR COVE. OVERLAY PROJECTS: 99th Street from 58th Avenue to CSAH (County State-Aid Highway) 8. 91st Street from Cul-de-sac to CR (County Road) 53.

2015 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: River Oaks, 90th Ave (from CR 8 to CR 55), 67th St (from Big Elk Lake to CR 53).

2014 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: 70th Avenue from County Road 8 to Highway 24, White Farm Estates and River Rose Retreat. Traffic sign improvement project completed.

2013 - SEAL COAT PROJECTS: 74th Street, Sherwood Shores and 108th Avenue. Bituminous surfacing 100th Avenue. Traffic sign improvement project started.

2012 - 97th Street seal coat, overlay and stripe, 92nd Avenue overlay, 127th Street overlay, 70th Street bituminous surfacing, 100th Avenue re-grade and Class 5 Surfacing, re-grade and gravel of 80th Avenue North of 72nd Street.

2011 - 38th Avenue/76th Street overlay, 100th Ave. SE drainage improvement, 90th Avenue sub-grade correction.

2010 - Overlays on 41st Avenue and 37th Avenue, overlay and shouldered 127th Street.

2009 - Overlays on 107th Avenue, 108th Avenue and 70th Street.

2008 - Norm Imholte road 50th Ave. & 75th St., overlays on 86th ave., 70th ave. between County roads 57 and 67 and blacktopped 103rd Avenue.

2007 - 103rd paved, 72nd and 70th Avenue.

2006 - Township Park.

2005 - 100th Ave - 97th-90th -77th Street SE - 89th -71st.

2004 - River Oaks - River Rose Retreat.

2003 - Becks road - Edlings -90th Avenue.

2002 - West side Elk Lake - 97th St. and turn around by Hemmingers.

2001 -

2000 - 100th Avenue.

1999 - Mississippi Cedars and turn around 86th Avenue.

1998 - Mississippi Cedars, crack-fill.

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Gopher Bounty - $3 per two front feet. Bring two front feet (s) in a jar to a monthly Township Board meeting for payment. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month.

If you find a stray dog, do not pick the dog up. If you pick the dog up, it now becomes your responsibility, not the Township's. Call the Sherburne County Sheriff:

Sherburne County Sheriff